Natural And Manufactured Stone

At Tascosa Brick in Amarillo, we offer a large variety of natural and manufactured stones that can be used in many stonedifferent indoor and outdoor masonry projects. Because we carry both natural and manufactured stone, there is an assortment of styles available. There are also various types of finishes offered for enhancing the look of natural stone or creating a different texture. These finishes include polished, honed, flamed, and saw cut. Be sure to estimate the amount needed for your next masonry project and view our answers to frequently asked questions about manufactured stones below.

Natural stone finishes

There are various types of finishes for natural stones including a polished finish, honed finish, flamed finish, and saw cut finish. Each type can add a special touch to your next masonry project.

A polished finish can only be done on crystallized stones and does not affect the porosity. This finish is popular because it enhances the markings and color of the natural stone material. Areas with a polished finish are reflective and very smooth. This finish is most often used in reception areas, where granite, marble and other harder limestones are placed.

A honed finish, unlike a polished finish, is not reflective. This type of finish offers a smooth surface with minimum light reflection. Often used on areas where heavy traffic would wear off a polished finished, a honed finish is also used in interior wall coverings.

Flamed finishes are a rough texture used mostly on vertical applications and floor tiles. Vein patterns and color varies from one stone to another.

Natural stone styles

Saw cut and chopped finishes owe their name to the saw cuts that are created on the surface of the stone. Once the stones are broken free of the cut layer, they are shaped to size. This finish offers a complementary accent to other types of stone work and is most often used for gate entries, walls, landscape design, and patios.

Estimating the amount of stone required for your masonry project

When estimating the amount of material required for your masonry project, you must first measure the height times thestone length to get the gross square footage of flat stone needed. Next, subtract the square footage for doors, windows and other openings. Then, measure the linear feet of outside corners. This measurement determines the amount of corner pieces that are needed for the masonry project. Lastly, subtract the flat area covered by the linear feet of corner pieces from the square footage of flat stone that is required. The amount needed depends largely on the size and weight of your stone.

How are manufactured stones made?

Vibrated in rubber-like molds and wet cast, manufactured stones are a mixture made of lightweight sand or gravel and cement. The molds are made by being cast from real stone to reproduce the same shape and texture. Before the mixture is poured into the rubber-like mold, the mold has color treatments which are absorbed into the mixture, creating a face that looks like real stone.

How heavy and how thick are manufactured stones?

Manufactured stones are about 8-10 pounds per square foot and one to three inches thick, depending on the style.

Will the color of manufactured stones fade?

Existing applications appear to have no undesirable changes in color after years of weathering.

Does color go all the way through manufactured stones?

Base color is blended throughout the whole stone. However, color overtones are applied and integrated into the building material during the molding process.

Does the same stone appear more than once in a typical application?

Manufactured stones are cast from hundreds of individual molds. This method eliminates repetition.

How does manufactured stone compare in cost to natural stone?

Installation costs of manufactured stone can be less than the installation costs of natural stone. Manufactured types require no foundation, footings, or wall ties. Therefore, installation time is reduced considerably.

Is any maintenance required for applications that use stone?

Occasional rinsing will remove surface dirt and dust from stones, if desired.

Can manufactured stone be cut?

Yes, manufactured stones can be easily cut or trimmed with wide-mouth nippers, masonry saws, or a hatchet.

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