Glass Block

At Tascosa Brick in Amarillo, we offer glass blocks as an option for your next interior design project or outdoor project. Also known as glass bricks, this product provides visual concealment with natural lighting. These bricks are made to be used in floors and walls as well as window panes. There are a variety of shapes, colors, and designs available from arch shapes to cross ribbed designs.

Glass block shapes, colors, and designs

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, the standard size for glass blocks range from 6 in. x 6 in. to 12 in. x 12 in. squares. Other shapes include arches, corners, angular pieces and rounded edges.

Standard colors for glass blocks include clear and opaque. However, custom colors are also available. Rosa, Bronze, SRT™ Solar Reflective, and Blue are some available custom colors for this product.

Glass blocks come in a variety of designs such as parallel lines, antique, cross ribbed, wavy, new cross ribbed, smooth, and new parallel lines. Other designs include diagonal, concentric circles, squared, slip proof, and paver unit.

Are glass blocks load-bearing?

No, glass blocks are not load-bearing material. Provisions at the head need to be provided to accommodate for the support of loads above the block panel.

Are glass bricks fire resistant?

Glass bricks are considered fire resistant, but vary in their ability to withstand different degrees. Normal hollow types have a small resistance to fire. However, these bricks can be made more fire resistant by specially making them to be hollow with thicker sidewalls. Some are even specially made to have resistant material built in.

How are glass blocks used?

Glass blocks are used in many artistic projects including floors in museums and malls. These products are also being used as partitions to separate restrooms and in offices as decor. Used in both commercial and residential structures, these blocks offer direct lighting, if used as window panes.

Are glass bricks energy efficient?

Glass bricks can be energy efficient for your home or business. Some factories build glass block windows to meet certain energy efficiency standards. The majority are about as energy efficient as traditional thermal pane windows and twice as efficient as traditional single pane. Some are categorized as low E glass. This categorization means that the blocks are able to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through a window.

Are glass blocks durable?

Glass blocks are are typically made into a single piece or hollowed, and are given thicker edges to provide extra strength. These bricks are extremely durable, but if one does happen to break, it can easily be replaced.

Looking for a glass block supplier in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle?

Tascosa Brick offers you the best selection of glass bricks in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. Some of our manufacturers for glass blocks include First Impression Glass and Pittsburgh Glass.

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