Tascosa Brick is your leading brick supply company in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. At our store, you will find masonry products for both commercial and residential building projects. We offer a variety of bricks and other building materials. We even offer a green alternative for eco-friendly homes and businesses in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle.Bricks come in different sizes and colors, depending on the way it’s made. Natural coatings, including limestone and sand, can be added during the firing process, which also produces different colors, textures, and finishes. There are also various types such as wire-cut, pressed, and sandstock bricks.

Sizes and colors of bricks

A modular brick size is 3 5/8 inches by 2 1/4 inches by 8 inches. However, bricks can also come in various other sizes. For example, in the Amarillo area, a standard type is king size 2 5/8 inches by 2 5/8 inches by 9 5/8 inches. This building material is made from a mix of water and clay that is fired in a kiln until it is hardened. There are many types of clays and each clay produces a different color. Natural coatings, including limestone and sand, which can be added during the firing process, also produce different colors, textures, and finishes. Combined with the varieties of today’s mortars, your color choices are limitless.

Extruded bricks

Extruded bricks have angular, crisp edges that are made as a result of the manufacturing process. During this process, the material is pushed through a die under high pressure, creating a stiff column of material. Once the column is made, it is textured and sliced into separate pieces. This product can be identified by its core holes.

Molded bricks

Molded bricks have irregular, soft edges, which are made in the manufacturing process. During this process, material is placed into a mold box where it is vibrated and released. This type usually has sand finish textures due to the use of sand as a releasing agent in the manufacturing process.

Handmade bricks

Handmade bricks are a good example of quality craftsmanship. Each piece is individually formed and then placed into a wooden mold, creating a beautifully textured brick with no two pieces being the same. The overall look of the structure is authentic to early colonial structures.

Glazed bricks

Once the material is extruded, glaze is applied, which becomes an important part of the unit in the firing process. This product is available in a wide variety of speckled surfaces, pure colors, and shades. This type is primarily used for commercial construction.

Which siding material costs the most?

Bricks are a premium product that costs about us much as other commonly used siding materials. However, this building material is not as costly as you may think once you factor in homeowners insurance and more. Other materials, such as artificial stucco, cost about the same. The difference is that artificial stucco is less durable and requires much more maintenance.

What maintenance do brick houses require?

A house made of bricks is virtually maintenance free. This building material doesn’t need to be painted. Bricks also do not rot or dent, and will never be eaten by termites.

Are bricks considered an energy efficient building material?

In summer, your brick home will stay cool during the hottest part of the day. In winter, bricks store your home’s heat and radiates it back to you. Aluminum, vinyl, artificial stucco, and wood are all light building materials that don’t have good thermal mass properties.

How do bricks affect home insurance costs?

A house made of bricks is pest resistant, fire resistant, and weather resistant. By using such a durable and strong building material, insurance companies may offer a discount on home insurance costs.

Is there a better resale value on homes built from bricks?

The practicality and beauty of bricks are a plus when you resell your home in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. On average, this building material adds six percent to the resale value.

Can you personalize the look of a home using bricks?

Bricks let you personalize the look of a home with elegant detailing, such as quoins and arches. This building material is not a one-dimensional product like siding or stucco.

How do you match the existing brick on a home?

An experienced supplier will know which bricks in his stock are closest to yours.

Looking for a brick supplier in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle?

Bricks have been around for over a thousand years and have proven to be the longest lasting building material to stand the test of time. Tascosa Brick in Amarillo has an excellent variety to chose from when you are looking for materials for your next remodeling or building project.

Our manufacturers include Elgin-Butler, Belden Brick, Bilco Brick, Boral Brick, Carolina Ceramics, Cherokee Brick, Claymex Brick, Commercial Brick Company (CBC), and EF Building Materials. Other manufacturers we work with include General Shale, Glen-Gary Brick, Forterra, Kansas Brick and Tile (KBT), Kinney Brick, Lakewood Brick and Tile (Summit), Mangum Brick, Endicott Brick and Triangle Brick.

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This is just a sample of our current most popular brick options. Visit our showroom at 311 N. Tyler St. in Amarillo to see all of the masonry products we have available!


Waterton, Modular, by General Shale


New Chicago, King size, by Kinney Brick


Heritage Tumbled, King size, by Claymex


Grand Chenier, Queen size, by Forterra


Gettysburg, King size, by Bilco Brick


Blend 22, by Commercial Brick Company


Antique Stratford, by Commercial Brick Company


Autumn Mist, King size, by Boral


Camelot, King size, by Commercial Brick Company