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Tascosa Brick is your leading brick supply store serving Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. We offer quality masonry materials and supplies for any landscaping or remodeling projects, whether commercial or residential. We carry a variety of styles of bricks, pavers, glass blocks, fireplaces, and stones, as well as the building and maintenance supplies you require.

The experienced team at Tascosa Brick will help you find the right brick product or material you require for any job in Amarillo or the Texas Panhandle. We offer many types of brick, including wire-cut, sandstock, and eco-friendly bricks, in a variety of designs and colors. You are sure to find the right brick for your needs, whether you are working on an indoor project for your home or a large commercial project. We also carry the bricklaying tools you need to get your project done right. These supplies include levels, trowels, mortar mixtures, and chisel hammers.

At Tascosa Brick, we offer a large selection of other building materials, including stones, pavers, and masonry products. Our stone products include flagstone, crushed, and manufactured stone. Stone provides a beautiful option for projects where creativity and versatility are key.

Pavers are also a great option for unique projects that require special details. Like bricks, these products can be replaced if they are damaged and are durable in many types of weather. Masonry products are also a great choice if you are looking for strong building materials for your next project. Concrete masonry can be used for residential and commercial jobs, although it does not provide as much aesthetic quality as bricks or pavers.

If you are looking for a unique addition to your home or business, Tascosa Brick offers glass blocks, also known as glass bricks. These products come in a variety of shapes and colors, and can even be made with specialized designs to suit virtually any design project. Glass bricks can be used to form wall barriers in businesses or as flooring in homes, as well as in many other projects.

Landscaping is another area that Tascosa Brick in Amarillo, Texas can help you with. We have the tools and supplies that you need to complete any landscaping project, including commercial gardens and backyard walkways.

Although we are known for our large selection of building materials and equipment, Tascosa Brick also provides grills and smokers to complete your indoor and outdoor projects. We are your number one Primo Ceramic Grill dealer in the Texas Panhandle. We also offer many types of fireplaces to complete your remodeling and building projects, including hanging fireplaces and eco-friendly outdoor fireplaces.

The tools and equipment we offer at Tascosa Brick can be used for heavy duty commercial building projects and in delicate residential projects. Whether you need a chisel to begin replacing your old bricks or beautiful pavers to create a new patio, we have the products you are looking for. Care and maintenance of your bricks and other building supplies is also important. At Tascosa Brick, we carry the cleaning products and supplies that you need to maintain your home or business.

Tascosa brick company products & services

Tascosa Brick is your leading brick company in the Texas Panhandle for commercial and residential building material. We offer a variety of brick and we even offer a green alternative for eco friendly homes or businesses. ( Read More…)

At Tascosa Brick, we offer a large variety of stones that can be used in many different indoor and outdoor projects. Stones are a very popular material for building projects and have been used for over thousands of years. (Read More…)

At Tascosa Brick, we offer glass blocks as an option for your next interior design or outdoor project. Glass blocks, also known as glass bricks, provide visual concealment, but also allow for natural lighting. (Read More…)

At Tascosa Brick, we offer a variety of paver products to give you the versatility you need in your next project. You can use pavers for both indoor and outdoor projects; their application is virtually limitless. ( Read More…)

At Tascosa Brick, we offer a variety of options for fireplaces, including outdoor patio and indoor hanging fireplaces, built in types, and options with no chimney. (Read More…)

Tascosa Brick is your leading supplier for all of the landscaping material you need for your next project. (Read more…)

Tascosa Brick is your number one Primo Ceramic Grill dealer. These revolutionary grills are very versatile and can roast, grill, or bake many types of food. (Read More…)

Tascosa brick offers a green alternative to your next brick project. Whether you are looking to build a new home or remodel your storefront, make it eco-friendly by using recycled bricks. (Read More…)

Tascosa Brick carries all of the essential masonry supplies you are looking for to complete a variety of jobs, including mortar mix, sand, trowels, bricks, stone, rebar, and much more. (Read More…)

Proper maintenance of your bricks is extremely important in order to keep them looking bright and new for your home or business. Tascosa Brick has everything you need to ensure your brick structures are at their best. (Read More…)